Thursday, January 15, 2015


The first time I remember learning about plants and healing came from my Grandma McKinnis.   Grandma raised 12 children and I'm sure she didn't run to a doctor when they needed care unless it was an emergency.  
I was only about 5 or 6 years old and was visiting with my grandma.  I had a wart on my right  knuckle.  Besides being unsightly, I banged it quite a bit because I was so active.   Grandma told my mom and dad if they would drive her to a certain place in a wooded area she could cure my wart.   I had never seen my grandma outside of  home so it was unimaginable that she would actually take me for a walk in the woods, but that's exactly what she did.  I can remember her instructing my mom, dad and sister to remain in the car.  We walked into the woods until she found a certain leaf.  She took the leaf and rubbed the underside of it onto my wart.  My wart turned green from whatever came off the bottom side of the leaf.  She instructed me I was to never tell anyone what she did or it wouldn't work, then we walked back to the car.  My wart was gone within just a few days.  Of course I wouldn't tell anyone when I was little but now I wish I had because I really want to know what kind of leaf it was that she used.   In my young eyes I seem to remember it looking similar in shape to a grape leaf.   I have tried rubbing a wild grape leaf on my skin but nothing comes off so I'm still searching.

If any of you know what she could have used I would love to know.  Please comment to let me know.  And the wart???  It is still gone and I've never had another one.

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