Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Simple Pleasure

As I have written before, I have seven beautiful grandchildren with the youngest almost three years old. Olivia (know as Oli to those who know her)has always loved candy. Now all children love candy, but Oli LOVES candy! I have never witnessed a child whose whole countenance changes when she sees a piece of candy come out of a cabinet or purse. Her eyes light up, a smile comes to her face and she would follow you anywhere to get her taste of sweet stuff!

This was the first "trick or treating" that Oli really understood what was going on. I'm told by her mother that she eagerly held her bag out at the doors awaiting a sweet treat to be dropped in. I was told that even when the other children got tired Oli still wanted to keep trick or treating.

I got to see her last night and asked her if she had fun trick or treating and a big smile came to her face and she empatically said yes. I really believe for Oli that Halloween might just trump Christmas.

I know it seems insignificant to most that I can get such pleasure from watching a child enjoy a piece of candy but I do. I never tire of watching those eyes light up and that beautiful smile come to her face. Thank goodness that she has a mother who makes sure she eats healthy and gets the right things in her little growing body, because if it was up to Oli, the world would be made of sugar and look just like a gingerbread house!

Enjoying the simple pleasures....


Don't throw away those little bits of leftover vegetables but instead scoop them into a freezer safe container until you have enough to add to your favorite soup. You can also do this will leftover beef roasts or chicken.

I never buy chicken broth either; You can make your own and freeze it or keep granulated or powder chicken boullion in your pantry and just add it to water. It has more salt so be sure you taste before adding too much salt.