Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I hate chiggers!!!  I have avoided those little devils all summer until a week ago.  Apparently a few hitch-hiked on my socks and made their way to my ankles.  I used everything  I could think of to stop the itch and then I saw this idea somewhere (can't remember, that's happening a lot lately) and thought why not try it!

And what was this new anti-itch miracle?   TOOTHPASTE!  You read this right;  Toothpaste!   I rubbed a little dot of my toothpaste on the itch and it stopped immediately.   After a few hours it would wear off but when I reapplied it, the itch stopped.   This was amazing!  

I haven't tried it for mosquito bites or other itches, but it worked on those flesh eating critters called chiggers!
What are some of your best remedies for itch?

Grandma B

Monday, September 5, 2011


While shopping at Home Depot the other day I saw a paint made for doors and trim by Glidden.  It claimed to leave no drips or brush marks.  The sample they had painted was amazing.  Since I had an old chest of drawers that was ready for the trash, I decided to try my hand at painting it.  Here are my before and after pics.
The wood is scratched and hardware is missing.
My first step was to clean the chest and then prime it before painting.  I used spray primer!
Here is the finished chest.  The finish is really beautiful.  I have since used this paint for the bookcase and bed.

Here is the finished bookcase and chest. 
This door and trim paint comes in quart size only but it really goes a long way.  The cost $17.99 for three items of furniture.
I can't wait to start painting my doors and trim!