Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I enjoyed all of my grandchildren while they visited with us for a while. The oldest ones arrived first with their mom. They came to pick grapes from a neighbor who graciously offered them to us. Mom and dad were going to attempt to make their first batch of grape jelly.

Off we went to our neighbors house with buckets and clippers in hand ready for the bunches of grapes we were promised. As we made our way to the grape-vines we weren't finding the grapes in abundance, but just a few here and a few there. With all of us clipping them off the vine we found we had still salvaged about two gallons of grapes. I reminded these teenagers that they should be counting their blessings we were picking grapes and not blackberries.

When we returned back home it was time to clean out the corn patch. Paw only planted 4 rows of corn this year, but it produced many ears of juicy, sweet corn. The kids went out and picked corn and filled two buckets. After I checked to make sure there was still plenty of corn for my youngest two grandchildren, A and O, I was happy to help them load their van with the bounty.

A couple of hours later A and O arrived with their mom and dad. First it was off to collect the eggs. It used to be O who wanted to bring the eggs in, but today it was A. Then they wanted to pick some corn. There wasn't a lot of corn left but they were happy with the ears they found. But today their favorite thing to do was pick the the cherry tomatoes. Paw was happy to have the help picking those little fellows, since they consume a lot of time for the little you get, kind of like picking blackberries without the thorns!

When we came inside I had some water boiling, A and O shucked the corn and we placed it in the pot of boiling water. A loves corn, (he told me so), and O won't taste anything that is a vegetable, so she ate some grapes.

Then I remembered something I had picked up for the two of them at the dollar slime. Should I or shouldn't I, that was the question, but with the promise they would keep it at the table, we decided they should experience it. They did seem to enjoy the yucky stuff as it oozed through their fingers and onto the table. Yes it was messy, but they were having so much fun, and I think we made some memories today.

I hope that years from now my oldest grand kids will remember harvesting grapes and enjoying the grape jelly their mom and dad made for them. I hope that O and A will remember picking tomatoes, corn and playing in slime at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They grow up so fast. It won't be long until all my grand kids will be so busy with their own lives that they will hardly have time for grandma and grandpa anymore, but I hope that they look back on these times and remember, "when we went to Grandma and Grandpas house, we sure made some memories"!

Blessings to you,