Saturday, January 23, 2010


At age 60, it was strongly encouraged by my children that I should set up a budget for my household.  All of my bills are paid on time each month and I seldom need to use a credit card, so I wasn't too sure about needing an actual budget.  After asking some questions it was suggested that I use an envelope method like suggests.  

Setting up my categories has been tough for me because I couldn't decide if groceries and miscellaneous should go together or be separated.  Should I put animal feed for the horse and chickens in the same category with dog food since I purchase dog food with my groceries?  See what I mean?

I made my categories, labeled my envelopes and filled them with the set amount of cash.  Here is what this old timer has found:  I can't remember to take my envelopes with me and keep the cash separated so it's back to the debit card.   It is just hard for me to break old habits so the following is what seems to be working for me:

I went to my computer and opened the program "Excel".  I made categories just as I would for envelopes.  I made one column for a spending catagory, another for the amount budgeted monthly, another with the amount spent and the final for the balance left for the month.  I am keeping ALL receipts and post them in the proper category.

What I am finding is that I spend more than I thought in some areas, and less in others.  By the end of February I should have a really good idea where every cent of my money is going.  I'll let you know how this is working for me as time goes on.

Meanwhile, isn't it time for you to know where your money is going?  If you haven't started a budget for the current year, then stop and do it today.  I wish I had done it sooner!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


While driving to work one morning this week I looked out over the frost covered fields and remembered how much, as a child,  I enjoyed walking to school.  I especially liked the walk when the lawns were covered in frost.  The frost always fascinated me as it layered the grass in what seemed like little jewels.  I also loved the smell of the air on those crisp mornings.  Somehow, I didn't seem to notice that it was also cold outside, because I spent my entire walk exploring things around me.

Yesterday, we got a big ole' Missouri snowstorm.  All of the kids were excited at the thought of snow coming, and even did a "snow dance" at the daycare just to give extra insurance to the fact that IT WOULD ARRIVE! 

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the world again through the eyes of a child?  Just to be excited again about snow, or frost, or other wonders that God has given us.

May the Lord restore to us the "eyes of a child" that we can see the little things in a new way!