Monday, February 16, 2015


Several years ago I was introduced to the term, "Essential Oils".   Although I had never heard about them I was curious.   I found a book at the Natural Home and Health Store called "Healing Oils of the Bible" by David Stewart, PH.D.     In the next several posts I hope I can help you to understand my love for these oils and their amazing ability to heal the human body.  

"The Bible contains 33 species and more than 500 references to essential oils and aromatic plants from which they came."  
When I read this in Dr. Stewart's book I wondered, "why don't I know more about these?   After all, I've read my Bible and even taught classes but don't remember anything special about essential oils"

Dr. Stewart explains it this way in a section called, "Why Explain the Obvious?"  He says the lack of detail to the oils in the Bible are because the authors were focused on other purposes, but also because oils in the form of incense, perfumes, spices ointments and medicines were so much a part of the lives of everyone that they needed no explanation."

I love to search old books for herbal healing, natural healing, etc. and until recently it wasn't easy to find these books.   Our old timers and Native Americans knew how to use herbs and plants but it became lost knowledge.   This is what happened to the oils of the Bible.

Frankincense and Myrrh were brought to our Savior when He was a baby.  I knew what the names were but I didn't know that these are Essential Oils, did you?  They were precious oils and of great value.   

Frankincense properties include anti-infectious, antiseptic, anti-tumoral, expectorant, Immune-stimulant and sedative.   Myrrh properties include Anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and tonic.   These oils can be purchased and used today for our healing.  Most of us have been conditioned to heading to the doctor for medicines if we have aches or sickness.  There is another way through Essential Oils.  Using Essential Oils is easy and they begin working within a few seconds of being applied to the skin or being diffused into the air.

I hope you will come back to learn more.   My next post will feature Thieves Oil. 

Be Blessed,
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Monday, January 26, 2015


Some of you are familiar with my family and know my husband had some heart attacks last year.
Because of that he has been placed on blood thinners.   I'm sure many of you are in the same situation with blood thinners so I decided to share a quick way to stop bleeding.

Cayenne (Red) Pepper is the secret and yes, it works!

A few nights ago Sidney scratched his face right before bedtime.  He used a tissue to blot the blood, used his styptic stick and thought he had it slowed down.   I placed a band aid over the scratch and he went to bed.   About 10 minutes later I came into the room and he had blood flowing down his face and it wasn't clotting.   I remembered being told about the Cayenne Pepper but never needed to try it.  I went into my kitchen cabinet, retrieved the Cayenne Pepper and placed a pinch of it onto his bleeding scratch.   Instantly.....yes, instantly the bleeding stopped!

The first question people ask is, "does it burn?".   Sidney said he didn't feel it at all.  Even if it did burn, wouldn't it be better than letting someone bleed?  This would be a great item to add to your emergency kit especially for your cars.

Be blessed today,

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar One of the Best Medicines

A few years ago I walked into our area Health Food Store and asked if there was anything to help with a general "not feeling good".  I couldn't pin-point it, I had aches and just felt blah.   Nann, the owner and genius at natural healing, immediately said, "Have you checked your PH lately?"  

I replied, "My What???"    I had no idea what she was talking about.  She said that she thought my PH was off and I should test it.  I went home from her store with testing strips and a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.   She told me to take about a Tablespoon of Braggs vinegar in a small glass of warm water one to two times a day to bring my PH into balance.

I went home, tested my PH and it was so off.  Within 3 days of the vinegar treatment I was feeling wonderful.

I wondered, "Why has my doctor never mentioned a PH balance?   Why has no one ever told me of this simple fix?"

Now I tell as many as will listen to this marvelous amber colored liquid in the Braggs bottle.  Do I like the taste of vinegar?   NO, but I do like feeling good.

Here are the signs of Potassium Deficiency that are listed in a Bragg's book of Apple Cider Vinegar and unfiltered raw vinegar is full of potassium.

* Bone and muscle aches and pains, especially lower back.
*The body feels heavy and tired and it's an effort to move.
*Shooting pains when straightening up after leaning over.
*Dizziness upon straightening up after leaning over.
*Morning dull headaches upon arising and when stressed.
*Dull, faded-looking hair that lacks sheen and luster.
*The scalp is itchy and dry.  Dandruff, premature hair thinning or balding may occur.
*The hair is unmanageable,  mats, often looks straw-like, and is sometimes extremely dry
  and other times oily.
*The eyes itch, feel sore and uncomfortable and appear bloodshot and watery.  Also, eyelids may
   be granulated with white matter.
*The eyes tire easily and will not focus as they should.
*You tire physically and mentally with the slightest effort.
*Loss of mental alertness and onset of confusion, making decisions difficult.  The memory fails
  making you forget familiar names and places you should easily remember.
*You become easily irritable and impatient with family, friends and loved ones and even
   your business and social acquaintances.
*You feel nervous, depressed, in a mental fog, and have difficulty getting things done due to
   mental and muscle fatigue.  Even the slightest effort can leave you exhausted, upset and
*At times your hands and feet get chilled, even in warm weather, which is a sign of potassium

If this describes you wouldn't it be worth a try?  I  will post more things that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is good for in future posts.   Hope you will be back.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


The first time I remember learning about plants and healing came from my Grandma McKinnis.   Grandma raised 12 children and I'm sure she didn't run to a doctor when they needed care unless it was an emergency.  
I was only about 5 or 6 years old and was visiting with my grandma.  I had a wart on my right  knuckle.  Besides being unsightly, I banged it quite a bit because I was so active.   Grandma told my mom and dad if they would drive her to a certain place in a wooded area she could cure my wart.   I had never seen my grandma outside of  home so it was unimaginable that she would actually take me for a walk in the woods, but that's exactly what she did.  I can remember her instructing my mom, dad and sister to remain in the car.  We walked into the woods until she found a certain leaf.  She took the leaf and rubbed the underside of it onto my wart.  My wart turned green from whatever came off the bottom side of the leaf.  She instructed me I was to never tell anyone what she did or it wouldn't work, then we walked back to the car.  My wart was gone within just a few days.  Of course I wouldn't tell anyone when I was little but now I wish I had because I really want to know what kind of leaf it was that she used.   In my young eyes I seem to remember it looking similar in shape to a grape leaf.   I have tried rubbing a wild grape leaf on my skin but nothing comes off so I'm still searching.

If any of you know what she could have used I would love to know.  Please comment to let me know.  And the wart???  It is still gone and I've never had another one.

The Natural Way

I have always had an interest in nature and the natural life. I love flowers, creeks, rocks, animals and more. I remember getting my hands on one of the old Fox Fire books and learning how to do things naturally. It wasn't until I got older that I began to learn more. I am fascinated with the way people have used plants for healing and health.

  I finally took an online class from the "School of Natural Healing" where Dr. Christopher teaches how herbs can heal but better yet, keep us healthy. I've also done quite a bit of research on the benefits of Essential Oils and use them daily. I am now a distributor of these oils through "Young Living Essential Oils". Although I can make no medical claims I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned these past several years. I also invite you to share your experiences if you are using natural products. I hope this can become an interesting journey as we take it together. Please share so that your friends and family can come along on this journey with us.