Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sunsets from Southport NC
I remember years ago I stayed so busy that there was no time to play.  Even grown ups need time to play as long as it stays in good balance. 

I remember wanting to make all those adorable crafts I would see and thinking, "Maybe God will give me a little craft corner in heaven so I can play with the crafts."  Well, my time has come and I am having so much fun.

Coasters For Outdoor Lovers

I can't post pics of all the different crafts I play with, but my latest endeavor is coasters.  They are so simple and pretty too. 

All you need is a ceramic tile, modge podge, pictures of your choice,  some felt and a sealer of some sort.  I have used personal photos and pictures from magazines.  Everything I have tried has worked.

I start with a clean blank tile.   Cut a picture the size you want it (I use 4X4 inches).  This size will leave a very small border on the edges.   Place your picture in a small bowl of water to soak for a minute.  Spread the modge podge on the tile.   Take the picture out of the water and remove as much water as possible.  Lay the picture on the tile and press down  until smooth.  I use a brayer to roll out the air bubbles (I learned the hard way).  Let this dry.

When this is dry you can apply a layer of modge podge.  At first I had trouble with brush strokes but did some research online and found if you wet your sponge brush before applying the modge podge the brush marks almost disappear.   When the modge podge has dried I seal it again with a polyurathane.  Some say this step isn't necessary but I feel like it really protects agains scratches and such.
Poinsettas taken from the front of Christmas Cards
Take some time to play today!  It's good for you.