Wednesday, June 23, 2010


 Everyone should experience the making of home made ice cream sometime in their lives!  Is it better than what you can purchase?  Is it cheaper?  The answer to both of these is "NO", but it is the experience of making it that makes it so special.

On Memorial Day I decided that we should make ice cream in our electric ice cream maker.  We hadn't used this ice cream maker in quite a long time, so I had Sidney get it out of storage, washed it thoroughly, and made the custard that would go inside. 

The grandkids really got into helping by placing the ice into the bucket and sprinkling it with the rock salt.  Then they waited....and waited.

Finally the maker came to a slow down and then to a stop.  I called Oli and she was more than ready to sample the goods.   Andrew and her licked the huge paddle.  What fun!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the frozen custard covered with fresh strawberries.   I'm sure this was a memory that will last a lifetime.  When was the last time you have made home made ice cream with your family?


Sunday, June 20, 2010

"ALL YOU" The Magazine That Pays

While I was sitting in my recliner waiting for pictures to load onto my computer page I was reading through a new magazine that I had purchased today.   I realized that I had failed to share this magazine with all my computer buddies out there!

Some of you have already discovered this magazine called "All You" but some of you haven't.  The only place I have seen it sold is at Wal-Mart but maybe it can be purchased other places.  The wonderful thing  about this magazine is that it will more than pay for itself if you use coupons.  There are your normal 50 or 75 cent coupons but most are over a dollar.  I just clipped a $1.00 off coupon for White Cloud Tissue.  There is $1.00 off Sea Breeze, $1.00 off Brut Products for men and much more.

Each month the magazine will tell you right on the front cover how much savings is inside its' pages.  This months, June 18 issue says there are $102.61 worth of coupons and new deals inside.

The magazine also has some really good articles too.  I don't get paid anything for advertising this book, but I should!  After-all, isn't word of mouth the very best advertising there is?  The cost of the magazine is just $2.99 with another 10% off at the checkout.  I will more than save that much on the coupons offered withing its pages,

Pick it up next time you are waiting in line and see what you think.  Let me know!  I would love to know how much you have been able to save with coupons this month.


Monday, June 7, 2010


A few years ago I came across a book at my local health food store entitled, "Healing Oils of the Bible".  It explains why in the Bible they used anointing oils when they prayed for the sick.  The book points out that people of that day understood the healing properties in herbs and plants and knew how to use them.  The author explains that using essential oils was as common then as aspirin is for today. 

I have purchased and blended many of these essential oils and am a believer in their healing properties.

I also enjoy growing my own herbs in the summer.  Basil is one of my very favorites.  Up until a few years ago I had never used basil, but all of that changed when I made a trip out east and my neice made a simple chicken rice soup with basil.  I fell in love that day!  If I make soup it is going to have an ample supply of basil.  Chicken dishes must have basil, either dried or fresh.

Oregano, mint, thyme, rosemary and chives are some of the herbs that are growing in pots on my deck.  I choose pots because herbs have a tendency to spread and can be invasive.  Once you begin growing herbs you will find you can use them for cooking, making teas, or just simmering them to make your house smell good.

A recent article on the "tip hero" website said that rosemary is very good for one's memory.  Whether it is or not I love to smell it.  The same goes for mint as it is so refreshing.  And lavendar, don't get me started! I like to add lavendar oil to distilled water and spray my bed pillows and covers.  It is known to help calm and bring on sleep. 

So before reaching for the medicine bottle why not try some herbs or essential oils?  You just might become a believer too!