Friday, October 10, 2008

Remember When?

Everywhere I look I see signs of autumn all around me. Along with the colored leaves falling from the trees, the smell of crisp air in the mornings, the hurry to get all the jobs done that I didn't get finished in the summer, I see one sure tell sign that it is October; Halloween decorations are everywhere.

I don't have many trick-or-treaters where I live, but I still walk down the candy isles in the stores just to look at all the varieties of candy they bag up each year. This year I was in shock as I looked at candy prices....ouch! I don't know what I would do if I had several hundred trick-or-treaters knocking at my door.

I began to remember the special treats that I had received going door to door when I was a little girl. Popcorn balls were always special. Now we can no longer give out homemade goodies. I remember making popcorn balls with my grandmother, then we would wrap each one in wax paper and twist the ends to keep the popcorn balls from sticking together. What a sweet treat they were!

Then there were the fresh baked cookies that so many gave out! Wow, we hit the jackpot with cookies. My neighbor always made a huge sugar cookie every year. They were so good. I later asked her what was in her recipe that made hers so good, she showed me, and it was good old "lard". (Lard was also especially good to make pie crusts) Her cookies just melted in your mouth.

I also remember receiving pennies, nickles, and yes, sometimes even dimes. I think this would be cheaper than candy in some cases.

It's sad that our children can't have any treats that aren't individually wrapped. They miss the special times of the homemade goodies. The caring hands that prepared these treats, and parents miss being able to save some money.

I also witness something else sad about trick-or-treating; The day after the kids bring in their haul, the parents are giving it away to anyone who will take it. Doesn't this seem like a strange thing to do after we spend money on costumes, walk block after block to collect our haul, then give it away the next day? Why don't parents just go out and purchase two bags of their kids favorite candy, let them eat a piece or two (give the rest away), and save lots of money!
Things have changed through the years but certainly not for the better. This old Grandma remembers when, but really it wasn't so long ago, was it?


Money Saving Tip:
This is a money saver but also good for the earth; I purchased a dozen bar towels at Wal-mart and use them for napkins instead of paper one. I just wash them and use them over and over.
They are larger than a napkin and are very absorbant for greasy fingers!

Clean your sink drains by pouring about 1/2 cup of baking soda in them followed by vinegar. Wow, does this ever fizz! I never measure this. It will certainly unclog a sink and make it smell good afterward!