Saturday, February 2, 2013


Of course I'm like any other grandma and thoroughly enjoy it when I have my grandkids around.

A few weeks ago they decided to come spend the day.  We love to get messy and make lots of  experiements.  We made the flour and baby oil version of playdoh.  After molding and making a total mess they opted to make a volcano out of all the doh.   Inside the volcano we "just had to" make vinegar and baking soda eruptions.  We only used a full box of baking soda and 1/2 gallon of vinegar and lots of food coloring!  Yes!  What a mess and what fun!

After the flour, baby oil, vinegar, baking soda, cookie sheets and all the yuk was cleaned off the table the kids got to have their grand finale of shaving creme.  They covered the whole table,  dug out all of the small toys including hot wheels and played for almost an hour creating racetracks, villages and more. 

Even though this was messy it was very inexpensive play.  They won't be wanting to do this as much as they get older, but for now, we made some memories.  How about you?  What are some fun things you do when you have your grandkids with you?

Grandma B

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The walnuts after they were glued back together
While trying to figure out a fun way to present a money gift for Christmas for my grandkids an idea came to me that I think is pretty cool.

I thought, "What if I crack open an English walnut, and put the money inside, then close it back".

I didn't even have to buy any walnuts.  While at a local retail store their nut display was pretty much empty accept for some nut shells.  I picked up a handful and ask if I could have them.  The cashier looked at me with a strange puzzled look and said "yes, as long as they're empty".

I folded the money into thirds lengthwise then rolled them up tightly.  I cut a small piece of plastic and rolled each bill inside.  (This was to protect the money from the next step).

I then used a strong glue, E-6000, to glue the shells together.  I wrapped some masking tape around the shell until the glue dried.  After it dried I removed the tape and voila, a gift in a nutshell.  The kids liked their gift and their parents even wanted to know what tree I had picked these from since they wanted some too.

Pretty creative, if I do have to say so myself!
What are some creative ways you have given gifts of cash?