Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wonderful People Still Abound

I am in my third week of recovery from bilateral knee replacement. I was prepared for the worst in so many ways, but God was good to me and apparently spared me some of the pain that others experience. Oh, it has hurt, but not to the extent that I had been prepared for.

On my first day home from the hospital I was met with my husband and son helping me get situated into my home. My son quickly built me a 4 inch platform that raised my recliner to a height where I could get in and out without help.

Later that day a knock on my door brought food from my sister. She loves to cook and is good at it too. We knew what was for supper that day! You see, as good as my husband is to me, he isn't a cook!

The next day my daughter-in-law brought supper for 2 days (it was really enough for 4 days).

My daughter-in-law went shopping for me, and offered to do anything else I needed.

Other family members shopped, cooked, cleaned, etc. Hmmm....maybe this isn't so bad afterall.

Everyday I'm getting stronger and getting around better and better. This time has allowed me to reflect on on the good things that God has given me and all the wonderful people that I'm surrounded with. The simplest things in life are free! Visits, phone calls, cards, etc. They all mean so much to someone who cannot be out and about.

How about it? Isn't there someone you have been meaning to call or send a card of encouragment to? Stop! do it now. You will make someone's day!