Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Some people laugh when I tell them that I still believe in Santa Claus and all the magic of Christmas.  While I'm not one that starts planning Christmas in October as some people do, I do enjoy it during the month of December and do whatever I can to make it a pleasant time for those around me.

My two youngest grandchildren, A and O, asked the big Santa question to their mother this year, and she didn't lie, she just asked them, "what do you think?"   To make this story shorter, they both decided that Santa isn't real, but they would just continue to pretend like he is.

It's hard on this grandma  not having  any children who really believe in Santa anymore, especially since she will go to her grave convinced that when she was just a child, still sleeping in a crib, she remembers vividly Santa coming up to her crib and lifting her eye lids to see if she was really asleep.   I also witnessed the miracle of Christmas at work more than once when there seemed to be  no way that my three boys would be able to have a very good Christmas.  Somehow, every single year, God made a way.  Yes, I will always believe in magic and miracles of Christmas.   It appears that this year though, grandma is the only one left to believe!

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas,
Grandma B

Monday, December 14, 2009


Is it just me?  Am I just too satified?  Am I just too easy to please these days?  With Christmas fast approaching a conversation came up today among co-workers about  whether certain gift cards are appreciated or not.  In particular one of the teachers has decided to get another teacher lottery tickets because she doesn't know what else to get for her Secret Santa gift.  A gas card was suggested to a local station but she said "gas cards are just so blahhh."   When another teacher was asked her opinion she agreed.

Now I am one who appreciates gift cards, and yes, I have received cards to gas stations.  I have purchased my Pepsi, coffee, gas, and if I wanted to, I could even buy a lottery ticket.  And I appreciated it!  I liked it! 

Please help me to understand this.  Wouldn't 10 lottery tickets be a bigger waste of money than $10.00 gift card?  Am I so out of the loop that it is appropriate to dictate what someone gifts us with?  If someone gave you a gas gift card would you think "blahhhh" or would you think, "wow, $10.00 that doesn't come out of my pocket?"

I hope I never reach a point where any gift that someone takes time and money to give to me leaves me with the "blahhhh feeling".  May God forgive us for our lack of gratitude to Him and to others.

Sorry folks.  I just had to vent a little. 
Merry Christmas from me to you!
Grandma B

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Well Is Out, But I'm not Complaining

A few days ago I went to do our evening dishes but no water was coming out of the faucets.  Oh, no, what will we do now?  Sidney went to the basement to see if he could find the problems but he said he didn't know what was wrong for sure.  A few minutes later he went back down and touched just the right thing and "presto" we had water.  We were both very grateful!

Today around noon the same thing happened!  I had to wait for Sidney to get home so he could do the magic touch, but this time it didn't work!  Now I enjoy the convenience of water as much as the next person, but I know things could be worse.  I have bottled water for drinking, I can get buckets of water for flushing toilets, and the rest of the dishes, well.....they can wait.   I will shower at the YMCA.

A couple of years ago I read a newpaper article about a wagon train called the "Donnor Party".  These people litterly starved to death.  They had no food, no water, nothing!  They were stuck until a rescue team could get to them.  After reading that article I promised myself I would never again complain about minor problems that might come my way.  A temporary time without water....that is a minor problem.

Of course I will be happy to turn my faucet on and have hot and cold running water, but for tonight I will enjoy the warmth of my home, the food in my belly, electricity, the recliner chair that I'm relaxing in, and the company of my wonderful husband.  Thank you Lord for taking good care of me.

Blessings to you!
Grandma B