Saturday, July 10, 2010


For years I have heard the horror stories of people who plant 'zucchini' squash and it just keeps multiplying and multiplying.  I had never experienced this for myself because our zucchini plants would always bring us an ample supply then the heat would cause them to die off before I had my fill.  This year is different!  These long green beauties seem to be multiplying before my eyes!

Sidney began to bring in the harvest sometime last week.  He laid a few zucchinis on my countertop and I was so pleased.  A few yellow summer squash were placed into the mix.  Ahhhh!  I sliced, breaded and dropped these delicious chunks into the hot oil!  For a few minutes I was in heaven!  Sooooo good!

My daughter-in-law introduced me to a delicious zucchini relish, so I decided to make a few batches.  Todaymy final count was 36 pints.  Now I'm beginning to see the bottom of the squash basket!  With the remaining squash, I sliced them and placed them in freezer bags so we can enjoy the bounty this winter.  I also carefully placed extra grated squash into 2 cup portions for winter soups and breads.

Sidney and I have given away at least a bushel of these babies this week to friends and relatives, but is the basket empty yet???  NO WAY!  I just looked and there are at least 6 to 7 more squash to do something with, and tomorrows zucchinis hacen't been picked yet! 

Apparently a few of my friends are having an invasion too because I have been offered zucchini from at least 3 of them.   Let's see, what else can I do with zucchini?  Do you have any ideas?

ZUCCHINI RELISH (Dale & Jill’s )                    

24 cups of grated Zucchini squash
8 onions chopped or grated
4 large green peppers chopped or grated
4 hot peppers
2/3 cup or 10 Tbs of salt

Spinkle with salt and let stand overnight
Drain and rinse with cold water

Bring to boil:
5 cups apple cider vinegar
3 tsp celery seed
7 cups of sugar
4 tsp pickling spice
2 tsp tumeric

Pour over the squash mixture and bring back to boil.
Pack into hot sterilized jars and seal. 10-12 pints.
I give these jars a 10 minute water bath

I hope you enjoy your summer harvest!

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