Wednesday, June 23, 2010


 Everyone should experience the making of home made ice cream sometime in their lives!  Is it better than what you can purchase?  Is it cheaper?  The answer to both of these is "NO", but it is the experience of making it that makes it so special.

On Memorial Day I decided that we should make ice cream in our electric ice cream maker.  We hadn't used this ice cream maker in quite a long time, so I had Sidney get it out of storage, washed it thoroughly, and made the custard that would go inside. 

The grandkids really got into helping by placing the ice into the bucket and sprinkling it with the rock salt.  Then they waited....and waited.

Finally the maker came to a slow down and then to a stop.  I called Oli and she was more than ready to sample the goods.   Andrew and her licked the huge paddle.  What fun!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the frozen custard covered with fresh strawberries.   I'm sure this was a memory that will last a lifetime.  When was the last time you have made home made ice cream with your family?


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