Thursday, January 7, 2010


While driving to work one morning this week I looked out over the frost covered fields and remembered how much, as a child,  I enjoyed walking to school.  I especially liked the walk when the lawns were covered in frost.  The frost always fascinated me as it layered the grass in what seemed like little jewels.  I also loved the smell of the air on those crisp mornings.  Somehow, I didn't seem to notice that it was also cold outside, because I spent my entire walk exploring things around me.

Yesterday, we got a big ole' Missouri snowstorm.  All of the kids were excited at the thought of snow coming, and even did a "snow dance" at the daycare just to give extra insurance to the fact that IT WOULD ARRIVE! 

I thought to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the world again through the eyes of a child?  Just to be excited again about snow, or frost, or other wonders that God has given us.

May the Lord restore to us the "eyes of a child" that we can see the little things in a new way!


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