Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Some people laugh when I tell them that I still believe in Santa Claus and all the magic of Christmas.  While I'm not one that starts planning Christmas in October as some people do, I do enjoy it during the month of December and do whatever I can to make it a pleasant time for those around me.

My two youngest grandchildren, A and O, asked the big Santa question to their mother this year, and she didn't lie, she just asked them, "what do you think?"   To make this story shorter, they both decided that Santa isn't real, but they would just continue to pretend like he is.

It's hard on this grandma  not having  any children who really believe in Santa anymore, especially since she will go to her grave convinced that when she was just a child, still sleeping in a crib, she remembers vividly Santa coming up to her crib and lifting her eye lids to see if she was really asleep.   I also witnessed the miracle of Christmas at work more than once when there seemed to be  no way that my three boys would be able to have a very good Christmas.  Somehow, every single year, God made a way.  Yes, I will always believe in magic and miracles of Christmas.   It appears that this year though, grandma is the only one left to believe!

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas,
Grandma B

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