Saturday, November 14, 2009


While being married to my best friend, Sidney, for over 42 years now, has brought some interesting learning experiences with it.  While I have always loved to try new recipes, go out to eat, and generally like to eat, Sidney has been the easy to please type, not caring much about what he has to eat.

Sometimes I will ask him, "what do you want for supper?", and his reply is usually the same; "I don't care, fix what you want."   If I give him a choice between pork chops or hamburgers the reply is still the same, "I don't care, fix what you would like."

I admit this would probably be most wives dream to have a husband so easy to please, but at times I just want his input.  I want someone to help me make food decisions.

When I have talked to Sidney about my dilemma here is what he says;  "It doesn't matter whether I have a steak or a bologna sandwich, it all ends up in the same place."  Wow, such insight!   I hate to admit it to him, but I guess he's right.  Once it's in our stomach, our brain says we are full, it doesn't matter whether it's a steak or bologna, and yes, it all ends up in the same place!

So as this grandma still searches the pages of new recipes looking for a new way to fix the chicken or beef, Sidney is sitting in his recliner, reading his favorite western, not caring what he has for lunch or supper, because "it all ends up in the same place".

Blessings to you!

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