Wednesday, November 18, 2009


As I have told you before, I get the biggest pleasures from the smallest things.  Last Saturday proved to be one of those times.  I decided to go to a yard sale just down the road from me and I was so glad I did.  There on a lonely shelf sat 13 blue canning jars with their original lids.  The price was right and I found myself with all 13.  

I'm not sure why but I have always loved glass whether it be clear or colored, but with these blue jars I felt like I had found a treasure.  I shared a few with my kids, then washed them up and began to fill them with the simple things I had on my pantry shelves, like rice, barley, beans and more.  Then I proudly displayed them on top of my refrigerator.  Who would have thought that 13 blue canning jars could make someone so happy!

Grandma B


You too can purchase grains and beans in bulk and store them in glass jars with lids.  Bugs and critters will stay out while you keep freshness in!

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