Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The walnuts after they were glued back together
While trying to figure out a fun way to present a money gift for Christmas for my grandkids an idea came to me that I think is pretty cool.

I thought, "What if I crack open an English walnut, and put the money inside, then close it back".

I didn't even have to buy any walnuts.  While at a local retail store their nut display was pretty much empty accept for some nut shells.  I picked up a handful and ask if I could have them.  The cashier looked at me with a strange puzzled look and said "yes, as long as they're empty".

I folded the money into thirds lengthwise then rolled them up tightly.  I cut a small piece of plastic and rolled each bill inside.  (This was to protect the money from the next step).

I then used a strong glue, E-6000, to glue the shells together.  I wrapped some masking tape around the shell until the glue dried.  After it dried I removed the tape and voila, a gift in a nutshell.  The kids liked their gift and their parents even wanted to know what tree I had picked these from since they wanted some too.

Pretty creative, if I do have to say so myself!
What are some creative ways you have given gifts of cash?


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