Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I hate chiggers!!!  I have avoided those little devils all summer until a week ago.  Apparently a few hitch-hiked on my socks and made their way to my ankles.  I used everything  I could think of to stop the itch and then I saw this idea somewhere (can't remember, that's happening a lot lately) and thought why not try it!

And what was this new anti-itch miracle?   TOOTHPASTE!  You read this right;  Toothpaste!   I rubbed a little dot of my toothpaste on the itch and it stopped immediately.   After a few hours it would wear off but when I reapplied it, the itch stopped.   This was amazing!  

I haven't tried it for mosquito bites or other itches, but it worked on those flesh eating critters called chiggers!
What are some of your best remedies for itch?

Grandma B

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