Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I attended an auction Saturday and purchased a sleep number bed and a dresser.  I was very pleased to win the bid, however I never dreamed it would cause me to have to work so hard this week.

Dale and Scott moved my dresser in on Monday afternoon and the work began.  I am rearranging bedrooms to make everything fit!  I have cleaned out drawers, causing me to get real about what I wear and don't wear, and what I use and don't use.

I also had to find a place to put a lot of books that I stored on a bookshelf because the shelf cannot stay in the room.  So far I have emptied three dressers and chest-of-drawers and one book shelf.  I plan to donate items to a homeless shelter in St. Louis.  It may take a truck to get all of this "stuff" to them.

Even Sidney got in on the action by going through a large assortment of his books and letting them go.....
He also is letting his pellet gun go after all these years.   It's hard because we get so attached to "things", but they are just that; things!

On Saturday an elderly woman told me that she told her children, "We spend the first half of our life try to accumulate things and the last half of our lives trying to get rid of it".  How true! 

The more I get rid of the easier it is to take care of my home.  Don't wait too long to start simplifying your life.  Start today, one drawer at a time!


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