Monday, April 25, 2011


I had never heard about growing potatoes in a barrel but it made since.  During the cold, long, dreary winter we learned about a new way to grow our potatoes by growing them inside of a barrel.  Since it's the roots that produce the potato, this method forces more roots to grow and less top.  We decided to give it a try!

The directions said to drill drainage holes in the barrel, then place some gravel for drainage.  You then add about 6 inches of soil and plant your seed potatoes.  You cover with just a little soil and wait.  Once you see the potato shoots coming up out of the soil, you then add a little more soil, repeating this process over and over.   So far things are looking really good.  We have covered the potato shoots twice and a few have already popped up again.

Once the potato vine turns brown and dies you just turn the barrel over and collect the goods.  This sure sounds easier than digging like we did in the past!

Since planting this new way we have learned that some people plant inside of old tires.  They just keep stacking old tires on top of each other as the potatoes grow through the soil.  I find this pretty amazing that people came up with these ideas.  What new method of planting have you tried lately?

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