Wednesday, May 12, 2010


While at my childcare center the other day, a two year old brought this strange little creature to his teacher and said, "Here's a WORM".  He handed her this naked little bird, and what did she do???  Of course, she brought it to me!  Now what am I to do with this tiny little bird?  It certainly won't live long, but I couldn't just let it die with out a good try.

I wrapped the little fellow in a soft tissue and placed it in a styrofoam cup hoping to keep him warm.  I wasn't sure what to feed it until someone suggested I might chew up a worm and spit it out for the new hatchling.  I just wasn't quite this dedicated, but I thought, what about the fish food with shrimp in it?  I moistened it and began to feed him and found he was really hungry.  Everytime I looked at him he was begging for food.

After taking him home for the weekend I placed a piece of fleece cloth on my heating pad, and made a makeshift nest out of the fleece also.  I fed him every hour and he was really lively.  On Saturday my grandchildren came and got to witness this little naked hatchling and were facinated by him.   They named him "E.T."  This little creature brought a smile to everyone's face who saw him.

On Sunday he was still strong and eating well, but towards late afternoon he just became listless and the life left his little body.  It was sad to see him go.  He had fought so hard to beat the odds, but he just couldn't make it.

I wondered why this little fellow was brought into my life?   Then I realized that in the 3 short days he was with us he brought smiles to more faces than some people bring to others in a lifetime.  Have you brought a smile to someones face today?

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