Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kitchen Counter Make-over

For years home repairs were impossible for us due to finances, or rather, lack of finances.  My home was built in 1963 and I have never had new counter tops.  They were  way over due, but when I priced new tops they were VERY expensive, due to an inset in the counter.  I was told they would have to be special made and that it was going to cost almost 4 times what ordinary counter tops would costs.   Recently I came across a product called "paperillusions" on the internet and decided to give it a try on my counter-tops.  So far, I am very happy with the results.

Counter before Paper Illusions

This is paper illusions.  It cost me $29.00 per roll and I used about 1/2 roll for this project.  After thoroughly cleaning the counter tops I lightly sanded them.  Then I tore a piece of the paper, dipped it in lukewarm water, and applied it to the counter.  After making sure that it would stick I began to just tear one piece after another and overlap them.  Directions come with the paper.  After the paper dried for 24 hours, I applied 5 coats of polyurithane.  I know that I can't sit hot pans on it and I will have to use cutting boards, but it looks so much better than what I had before, don't you agree?

New and Improved!

                           Now what do I do with these cabinets?

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  1. It does look good. Never heard of that product.


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