Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping

Most of us have a local thrift store or resale shop close to where we live.  If you haven't checked them out yet you are missing some great bargains!   You can find almost anything in these shops from books, toys, glassware, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and more.  If  I have a particular item I'm  looking for and don't have to have it immediately, chances are I'll find it at one of these stores if I just keep checking back.

Before you shop these stores you should do some research.  Know what is a bargain and what isn't.  One of the stores I shop at has begun to raise it's prices and sometimes I can buy an item "new" for the price they ask, so I have learned not to purchase something there until I'm sure I'm getting a bargain.  Their books at 70 cents each are a bargain!  The outdoor yard decoration for $9.00 was overpriced. 

Also, it's not a bargain if you really can't use it.  Think before you buy: 
1. Is it a bargain
2.  Will I really use it?
3.  Do I have room for it?

My last resale shop bargain was a beautiful basket for $1.00.  What have been some of your favorite finds?

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