Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Little Acre

Sidney and I have lived in the same house since 1969. We moved in two weeks before our first son was born. At first glance the house was kind of ugly. In fact when we looked at it the first time I wouldn't even go inside, instead we just turned around in the driveway and left. Our real-estate agent urged us to try again, "just look at it before you say no", so we did. Needless to say, I'm glad we did.

Our 3 bedroom home is a modest home by most standards and sits on just a little over 1 acre of ground. We have neighbors but most are like us they just enjoy country living. I cannot count the animals that have been raised on this little acre of ground. We had a dog when we moved in, and have always had one or more at all times. We have had kittens, geese, chickens, a pig for butchering once, a pet skunk named Charlie, 3 horses and more. What can I say? We love animals!

Not only do we love our animals but we also love to grow our own food. One year Sidney planted the garden and when the bounty of veggies came in he gave an assortment to an elderly lady from our church, Sister Patterson. I delivered the vegetables to her and she was so grateful. Before I left she said, "I am going to pray that the Lord blesses you 100 fold."

I thanked her and didn't think too much about it until we couldn't keep up with picking the vegetables that summer. Sidney would actually take a wheelbarrow out to the rows and fill it to overflowing! I canned green beans, tomatoes, froze corn and squash and found it difficult to keep up. We gave vegetables to everyone we knew and yet more vegetables just grew in their place.

Our little acre probably doesn't seem like much to the average person, but to us it is special. God has blessed us to overflowing with family, animals and garden, but the summer Sister Patterson prayed is one year we will never ever forget! She prayed in faith, and God answered her prayers.

Simply living each day to it's fullest,


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