Saturday, December 27, 2008

Change Is Just Part of Life

Christmas has ended and it's time to rest from all the extra activitie that the season brings. We (Sidney and I) spent Christmas Eve with our children and our grandchildren and enjoyed the special time together very much. We always enjoy a time of food and take time to tease the kids about it not being time to open the presents, but usually, it's me that is anxious to see the response from the kids as they tear open the gifts.

As the evening comes to a close we say our goodbyes and the little ones get ready for the visit from the jolly old man called Santa. It's some of the best times of their lives (waiting for Santa); if only these times could last. But nothing lasts forever....

When Sidney and I leave our children's home on Christmas Eve we always take a ride through our home town of Horine, Missouri. Just a tiny speck on the map, but a real town where we both grew up. We drive the streets naming people who lived in each house back when.... We pass by my small, and I mean small, three bedroom home where seven of us lived, and we reminise of our first kiss. It was a simple kiss goodnight, but I got out of the car and fell in the ditch on my way into the house. I received my engagement ring 42 years ago in Sidney's driveway, under the old cedar tree. His old two story house and the cedar tree are gone now, but the memory will remain forever.

We continue down every street talking about the friends we once shared, the bicycles we wore out, our walks to the neighborhood store, and our Christmas's of the past.

While it's true that nothing can last forever and change is part of life, it would be nice to return to the days of the past, if even for a short time, to see if they were really as grand as we remember them. I'm sure we would find that most of the grandeur we remember would soon fade with reality but it's still nice to remember.



People today call it recycling but my Grandma just called it saving money....

Save your plastic lids from coffee, Pringles, butter, etc. and use them for small cutting boards, or use them under your flower pots to catch water drips. They also work for coasters. Let your imagination go to work.

Old panti-hose or knee highs work great for tying garden plants or roses to a stake. They stretch as the plant grows. Start saving them now.

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