Monday, September 1, 2008

Grandchildren Are Truly Grand

There is a saying that says "If I'd known grandchildren were this much fun I would have had them first". I'm a grandparent that understands that statement to the fullest. I'm sure that some of you understand it too.

When I was a young mother with three small active boys, I knew that my patience were too short, I worried more about a clean house and other household chores than I did about playing with my boys. How I wish I could go back and be the mother I wish I had been. I can't go back, but God in his goodness chose to give me grandchildren, and in a way, I feel that he has given me a second chance.

I have been blessed with seven wonderful grandchildren. Each one is so special in their own special way. There is nothing in this world that I wouldn't do for any one of them and I think they know it.

When the grandchildren come to spend the night all rules go out the window. The first thing we do is make a stop at our local grocery store and find as much junk food as possible. Oreo cookies, sweet drinks, ice cream, M & M's, and more make their way to my kitchen. There are not usually any set bedtimes although the parents do put their foot down on bedtime once in a while. After construction paper, glue, glitter, markers and more, the mess has begun. The play-doh usually makes it's way out to the table along with cookie cutters and other items to use while playing with it.

After we pick up most (some) of our mess the blow up mattress comes out to take its temporary spot on the living rooms floor. After a few jumps onto it from the couch we load lots of pillows onto it so the bunking party can begin! Grandpa pops the popcorn while I place the sheets and blankets in place. Cartoons or other kid friendly shows are turned on the tv set and we begin to unwind. It's not long that the youngest are sound asleep and the older ones breath a sigh of relief so they can have some time of their own. They are such good help to me with the little ones!

I know that these precious times won't last long. That's why I can sit work to the side and play for awhile. As my youngest grandchild grows up, I will begin to clean out the toy room. Play-doh won't be bought and there will be no need for contruction paper and glue. I know that these precious kids won't be wanting to spend their nights at grandma's house. All too soon they will be occupied with thoughts of dating, sports, college and moving on. But I have been left with good memories and hopefully this time, I won't look back with regret! I took time to play!

Money saving tip:
Why buy expensive jewelry cleaners? You can mix equal parts of ammonia (I prefer lemon ammonia) and luke warm water. Soak jewelry for 10 minutes in this solution. Remove from solution but do not rinse just let it dry. I have also used bottled window cleaner on jewelry. It really makes it shine.

Caution: do not use ammonia on copper or brass.

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